Where to learn Tableau?


The path to learning Tableau varies at every stage based on your skill level and what your end goal is. We will look at every possible scenario to make sure you are on the right track. Ask yourself. Are you already skilled in a Data Analytics tool similar to Tableau? Are you pursuing a career move? Are you planning to migrate reports in your organization? Are you aspiring for a Tableau Certification? Are you seeking to crack a Tableau Interview? The answers will help a long way in opting the right path.

Experience Everything

Tableau is a huge magical world. If you already have some experience in a Data Analytical tool, it will not make much time get comfortable with the foundations of Tableau. The main topics that you should get acquainted with are the 4 pill types, how LODs are just like SQL subqueries joined back to the data in your view, learn discrete math, boolean True False operations. This helps you flag your data with indicators to qualify it for a specific analysis. Learn to see the data at its granular level, and how Tableau is grouping or aggregating those data.

Learn how every pill drag involves a new field to group by and aggregate to and how that will affect your view. Learn how Table Calcs are just Tableau doing math in its head on the data in your view. Learn the Filtering hierarchy. Learn the limits of extracts and live connections. Learn how to preaggregate your data whenever possible to accomplish the needed analysis. Learn how to guide your users down an analytic path of more and more details. Learn how to make Dashboard Actions to design Interaction. Learn the culture of your org and how best to show them their data.

Interview Preparation

Tableau Interview can be one of the most exciting experiences. We present you with Free Tableau Interview Questions and Practice Problems with Unlimited Attempts. A lot of people can use Tableau so it’s not necessarily about your hard skills. What differentiates candidates is the process and the story. How do you gather requirements, can you talk to a data story in dashboards you built. Prove you can add value beyond just building dashboards.

For a consulting position, make sure you communicate that you understand that your visualization skills are one part of a much larger ecosystem - both business and technological - within which your solution resides. For Business, can you elicit requirements and demonstrate that you understand the business value your solution is supposed to address? Can you speak the business language and connect to what matters to your audience? For Technological, do you understand how to acquire, vet, cleanse, and manipulate raw data sources to ensure quality, timeliness, and consistency of results? Can you speak for deployment, security, privacy, and maintenance of the system?

Tableau is one of the top visualization tools in today's world of data. Learning Tableau will definitely add an edge to a professional's portfolio and give an advantage in the job arena. There are various resources available to learn Tableau based on the individual's needs for either free Tableau training or by taking a Tableau course.

The top free resource to learn Tableau is of course the Tableau Official Help Guide which we keep referring all the time, and the official Tableau Tutorial Videos provided by Tableau. It provides the latest and detailed concepts which is unmatched in any other platform. 

The next best free place to test your knowledge is here at Learn Tableau, with a huge collection of quiz and problems at your disposal to test every aspect of Tableau. We encourage you to check out our own interactive bot Prometheus in the Get Started button to learn more. Whether you are looking for the Free Tableau certificate for Tableau Essentials that helps you ace any certification quiz, or if you want to test your knowledge before appearing for the official Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Practice Exam, or want to challenge yourself even further with the advanced and coveted Tableau Certified Associate Certification Practice Exam - the content and detailed questionnaire here will enable you stay ahead in the data visualization world.

Tableau is widely acknowledged as one of the industry leaders in the data visualization world. And demand for skilled experts is always increasing, with the right planning and strategic practice, it is not difficult to succeed at the job interview. We are Certified Tableau Professionals here unlike many other sites, and we will give you an in-depth overview of what questions actually we want you to know if we were to choose you. The below is a list of mandatory knowledge expected from you. Check out our collection of Free Tableau Top Interview Questions and Practice Exams for a comprehensive experience and interview preparation.

  1. What is Tableau
  2. Advantages of Tableau
  3. Different Tableau Products
  4. Data Types Available
  5. Discrete vs Continuous
  6. Dimension vs Measure
  7. Available Filter Types
  8. Aggregated vs Disaggregated Analysis
  9. Available Join Types
  10. Available Connection Types
  11. Extract vs Live Comparison
  12. Blend vs Join Differences
  13. Purpose of Sets and Groups
  14. Purpose of Bins and Hierarchy
  15. Analytics Pane Utilities
  16. Available Tableau File Extensions
  17. Difference between .twbx vs .twb
  18. Parameter Functionalities
  19. Parameters vs Filters
  20. Types of RANK Functions
  21. Dual Axis and Purpose
  22. String Handling Functions
  23. Dashboard Performance Tuning
  24. Order of Operations Concepts
  25. Level of Detail Expressions
  26. Purpose of TreeMap and Heat Map
  27. Purpose of Stacked Bar Chart
  28. Benefits of Hyper
  29. Available Types of Maps

Purpose of a Tableau Certification

A Tableau Certification recognizes your skills and is a genuine value-addition to your CV. It proves your knowledge of the essential skills required to perform complex analytical tasks with Tableau, and sets you apart from the crowd. Complete our Free Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Practice Exam to get ready with real-life challenging questions. We have spent years creating our huge database of questionnaire and made sure it is relevant as of today. With a wide coverage of topics, the questions ensure no assessment area is left untouched, giving a comprehensive preparatory experience. If you are looking to further enhance your preparation, opt in to complete our tougher Free Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Practice Exam. The questions here ensure you are thoroughly aware of the functionalities provided by the tool, and ready to take on complex challenges.

The above exams even act as the so-called Tableau Certification Dumps, though we prefer to use the term knowledge base. We can guarantee if you can pass the above tests you are ready for any examination in real world or actual industry scenarios. Any of these tests are more affordable, and better in quality than many other renowned sites that you might have already come across. Many of them have excellent content, but many of those renowned sites have hundreds of paid affiliate partners, who promote them to the top of search results for marketing, so it's a profit-driven business model where the  
end-user often loses in content quality. For learning Tableau free with hands-on examples, you will like the video tutorials below, each of them has detailed walkthroughs. We are no way affiliated to any of these videos, we just chose them for you.

Bookmark this page in your browser, and also Add to your Favorites to come back later for Tableau reference, we are sure you will thank us later. It's much easier this way than remembering the links separately where to Learn Tableau! Make sure you have installed Tableau from the 'Install Tableau' option in the Menu above to practice. The first course here below explains in-depth Tableau concepts and functionalities, make sure to sincerely dedicate some time from your schedule and watch it through.
The below tutorial also has equally insightful content and detailed guides, make sure to stay sharp, and listen to the entire video carefully to the end. Install Tableau from the Menu above and make sure to practice with the quizzes provided here. Without hands-on there is very little learning, especially in Tableau.
The below tutorial even though seems short to be covering the entire Tableau world, goes pretty deep and walks us through several critical aspects of the tool. As usual, make sure to get Tableau installed from the Menu above and ensure you are getting enough hands-on practice as you proceed.
The below tutorial is aimed at giving you a complete exposure to the Tableau experience. If required take breaks in between but make sure to watch it through. And keep practicing the quizzes we have provided here to make sure you are learning. Soon you will be happy to find Tableau popping up in your CV.
If you are looking for paid video tutorials the contents at Pluralsight is worth a mention, better than many paid video tutorials. On top of it with the specially curated list of datasets at your disposal in the Dataset menu here you'll never fall short of creating insightful dashboards as you start learning.

With a vibrant community of cool personalities in the social media, it is no wonder why Tableau is taking off faster than ever before with exciting interactive dashboard and visualizations around. Putting in the effort to get through a training course in Tableau is definitely going to help you learn tableau within a few days. And soon you will be on your way to working with hierarchies, calculations and dashboard actions in no time. Here's a practice quiz from us for you below, all the best!