How to Select Multiple Rows Based on Condition of One Row in Tableau

Organizing students grades and classes is an useful scenario where data analytics and Tableau can come handy. With a dataset of students, grades and classes where each student may not be attending every class, it is interesting to see how we can filter our data based on class names. Tableau poses a challenge, when we filter on a class, it hides the other classes - but we want to be able to see the grades of the student in case they attended any of the other classes as well, so all the classes needs to stay visible.

Using a long list of student data having fields for name, grade, class and id, we can achieve this by creating a calculated field and parameters. Here regardless of which class we select we will be able to see our data for the other classes the student has taken from the available classes of History, Science and Geography. This logic can absorb unlimited number of classes without any change to the design making it an extremely powerful way to handle large datasets.