Free Tableau Certification

Getting certified in Tableau is one of the most coveted value additions we can make to our CV today. As a prominent leader for a considerable period of time in the world of data analytics, we cannot imagine what the future will look like for this amazing tool in the age of exponential data growth.

Here at Learn Tableau, we provide you an exciting opportunity to get a Free Tableau Essentials Certificate if you pass the exam with a minimum of 70% score. You can also choose the Free Tableau Advanced Essentials which has our tougher and finer contents, if you can score over 75%. Make sure to prepare well before taking the tests as they are of professional industry-standard quality, and includes several real-world scenarios that you can expect in interviews and actual real-life exams. We recommend at least 6-8 weeks of intense practice hands-on. Powerful visualization features, with a simplistic and user-friendly approach for designing complex calculations makes Tableau a robust player in the data visualization arena.

With a huge collection of questions guaranteed to test your knowledge to the core, the free certification here will make you work hard to earn it. It tests various areas from key Tableau concepts, to fetching data, to designing our visualizations and then finally solving practical problems. Wishing you all the best.