How to add Unique Filters to Multiple Charts in the Same Page in Tableau

The flexibility of Tableau provides unique business cases by which we can create complex scenarios that are often unconventional. However that is the end goal of data visualization and analytics with the power at the hands of the end user. One such scenario is dynamic filtering in a worksheet where we have multiple dimensions and measures and we want to filter one chart by one value, but the other chart by another value so that we can do a comparison.

We can achieve this in Tableau by creating calculated fields and creating parameters like below. Here using the Sample Superstore dataset with data from 2010 to 2013, we are finding the total Sales over all the years for each State by a Box and whisker chart, and the average Sales over all the years for each State by a Line chart. Selecting to view the data for one does not affect the other and provides us greater visibility for side by side comparisons.

Now, say you want to select multiple values for States, it can be done by using Sets in our Calculated fields like below. This will allow us to select different States for each chart and yet have the ability to see them side by side.