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At Learn Tableau, we are a team from diverse backgrounds of Data and certified Tableau professionals committed to providing an excellent exposure to the Tableau landscape with curated questions. We encourage you to talk to Prometheus (the bot) using the 'Get Started' button below to learn more. We believe in quality content and our exam algorithms are focused to deliver you the finest experience in every attempt. Our questions pass through a quality check to ensure it is accurate and relevant in 2020.

From a vast ever-growing database of exam content, the Learn Tableau practice tests will surely add tremendous value in the world of Tableau evaluation and assessment. You will be facing different set of questions if you take any of our same test on different days. The questions selected during each exam is randomly chosen from a pool of hundreds of questions, and ensures all round coverage of topics and areas.

Each question is carefully elaborated with additional comments after answer submissions to garner insights into the subject matter. There has been feedbacks across the learning community of various sites where a generic PDF answer sheet explanation often does not provide clarity to the topic discussed, hence multiple perspectives of the same topic helps breaks down the barriers, enhancing the clarity. With a true exam like experience in a minimalistic environment, and additional learning along the way, each iteration of exam taken here continues to accelerate your clarity of the essential concepts.

The concepts and problems focus around areas that are most relevant in handling the complex Tableau analysis scenarios. With increasing practice in limited durations of multiple such problems, it is only a matter of time when you become confident to embark on our journey across the huge waves of data across a stormy 21st century. The demand of data analytics is growing every day, and it is only the first decade of thousands more that will recognize the immense potential of data analysis and produce insights like never seen before. Each of our tests will also provide you with a detailed categorized performance analysis of your score.

In addition Learn Tableau also provides a Free Tableau Essentials Certificate if you are able to score more than 70% from the 30 questions provided in 60 minutes, and a Free Advanced Tableau Essentials Certificate if you can score more than 75% from 36 questions in 90 minutes. The questions have been curated especially to test essential concepts and exercise your knowledge to solve critical problems. 

The Premium packages have our most popular and best content at extremely affordable prices, ranging from $3.99 to $8.99. The Desktop Specialist Quiz for $6.99 is stuffed with our finest quality questions, updated frequently, which guarantees your efficiency in Tableau. If you can pass this test, congratulations! You've earned it. This Premium tests of course include a certificate, if you score more than 70%  from the 30 questions in 60 minutes. The Specialist Quiz will grant you access to your Tableau Essentials certificate when you pass the test which you can download at the end.

The Certified Associate Quiz for $8.99 consists of our curated collection of thought provoking questions tailored to test you to your limits. This test has a passing score of 75% with 36 questions in 90 minutes. We are continuously adding new questions so you can expect different set of questions from this same test in different attempts. The Certified Associate Quiz will reward you with an Advanced Tableau Essentials Certificate on passing the exam. We take pride in sharing with you that the questions of this test are reviewed frequently to ensure they are at par with the latest complexity standards, unlike many other platforms.

In addition, we have curated Premium series of Tests for each problem category to test you further. The Tableau Concepts test for $3.99 is solely focused on the evaluation of conceptual topics that is so frequently essential in the Tableau world - starting from dimensions, measures, discrete, continuous, to level of details, order of operations, aggregation, and several use cases and real life questions from the experts. You have to score 70% in 30 minutes from 30 questions to get the Tableau Concepts Certificate. We have come across multiple certified professionals who ask questions clearly demonstrating poor understanding of order of operations or other critical concepts, only due to lack of good challenging assessments and evaluations during the learning journey. The questions of this test have been created as we scanned the vast ocean of the Tableau knowledge base to ensure every related conceptual topic is evaluated as of 2020.

We take pride in our top notch contents for Analyzing Data test for $3.99 with 30 excellent questions. You have to score 70% in 60 minutes to get this Analyzing Data in Tableau Certificate. You will be encountering 30 questions from our pool of regularly updated hundreds of questions, so feel free to retake this test as many times as needed to get a fair assessment of your knowledge. We take special care to ensure our questions span across every category of the latest Tableau functionalities we have in 2020, unlike many other platforms which uses older Tableau knowledge base and versions.

The Sharing Insights test randomly choose 30 questions for $3.99 from our vast set of questionnaire database. You have to score 70% in 30 minutes to get the Tableau Insights Certificate. The questions are solely focused on visualizing, presentations, interactivity, dashboards, stories and how we can embrace all the beautiful features Tableau provides to achieve it's full potential. We continue to regularly update the database of our questions making sure every test helps you scale a new milestone in your Tableau learning.

The Connecting and Preparing Data test in Tableau is all about playing with data sources.  Be it joins, blends, unions, geographic roles, field properties, live connections, extracts, tds, and more. We present you with randomly choose 30 questions for $3.99 from our excellent set of questionnaire database. You have to score 70% in 30 minutes to get the Tableau Connecting Data Certificate. With the variety of source systems, file formats, migration, and configuration opportunities around us, the ability to successfully demonstrate skills how to process the data and make it suitable for analytical purpose is a key skill required in Tableau. We hope you learn along the way as we continue to provide you with a wonderful experience.