How to Format Labels in Tableau with Distinct Colors for Positive and Negative Values

Tableau provides a great opportunity to visualize and comprehend lot of data in an intuitive and interactive way. The more responsive and simple a visualization is, the more information can be deciphered in the minimum amount of time accurately. Labels form an integral part of the data visualization journey with Tableau, and it is interesting to see how we can make Label work for us dynamically.

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One scenario where Labels can be useful is if we can highlight the Positive values with one color and the Negative values with a different color, say Black and Red respectively. This can be done by using a calculated field. Here, using the Sample Superstore dataset, we are identifying the Profits of Product Sub-Categories in the year 2011. We can see negative and positive Profits are colored differently, this can be done as below. We can remove the calculated fields from the Tooltip if required.