How to Create a Chart Selection Dropdown Menu for a Dashboard

Tableau provides the flexibility to create multiple visualizations using our data. The number of sheets and dashboards often grows overwhelming, as we want to embrace new types of analytical ability that appears in the horizon. With limited time, the dashboards of today continue to challenge those of the past on how to get the maximum possible insights with the minimum amount of effort.

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One such area is where we have multiple charts in our view but we want each chart to occupy the full space of the dashboard and we don't want them to share the available space. This way we can get a bigger view of each chart. But how can we quickly navigate to the other charts without leaving the dashboard, this can be done using a dropdown menu to select the charts in the view.

We need to create one parameter (say Select View), one calculated field (say Display Sheet) to achieve this. In the parameter, we add the sheet names. In each sheet, we add the filters, and add custom value as the sheet name. Then when we drag all the sheets in our dashboard, we can easily select using the new parameter dropdown menu on the right as seen below. In case the parameter is not showing up, use the options for any of the sheets and enable the Select View parameter. It's also advisable to hide the Titles from each of the sheets and titles of Legends as they may be confusing when we select the other sheets.

Here, using the Sample Superstore dataset, we are using a dropdown to select from a Gannt Chart, a Pareto Chart, and a combination of Box and Line chart all from within the same Dashboard.