Retail Datasets for Tableau

Creating visualizations with variety of Datasets provide an exciting way to explore Tableau. It helps navigate all the functionalities provided by this amazing tool and reach even higher grounds from where we can achieve maximum insights with minimum number of clicks. With the newer Tableau versions released frequently, it is no surprise that Tableau continues to provide more insightful analytics with ease.

Datasets for Tableau can come from various backgrounds and sources, for example Retail datasets having data for hundreds of stores with their holiday details, markdown prices, holiday listing, employment details, location details etc. You can download the Retail dataset here which will provide much of the required Retail data along with considerable data volume to assess performance tuning possibilities for complex scenarios.

Retail data forms one of the most widely used datasets in the world and having visibilitty to various metrics and attributes related to this domain will definitely provide the necessary skills to work in a state fo the art data analytics tool like Tableau. Besides Retail, you can also find data and information for various domains on the dedicated Menu here with data from Sports, Politics, Movies and various Public Government datasets.