How to get more attempts of the Tableau Free Quizzes?

Our Tableau Certification quizzes have the hallmarks of accuracy and quality. We try to support you with our free content as much as possible. Due to cost of supporting our talented professionals and expensive database infrastructures, we cannot keep all content free and hence unfortunately we have limited attempts on our free quizzes. But we do understand money should not come in the way of education, and quality training should be affordable and available to all in the same way.

If you have exhausted all maximum attempts of any of our free quizzes, we provide you the opportunity to retake our free tests by overcoming the restriction limit. You can achieve the same by helping spread our word. All you need to claim the free test attempts are to follow the below steps as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Share on 5 different places in social media
  2. Send us the 5 links using the Contact option from the Menu above
  3. We will Verify and provide you the steps to take the test again, for free!

Please make sure the posts are publicly accessible else we will not be able to verify the same. Your email address should be valid and you should be able to receive update notifications from us at the address you submit. Once we verify, we will send you the instructions on how to retake one more test beyond our attempt restriction limit. Please let us know which test you want to take. Thus, this mutual practice will allow more people to come to know about the good vibes we are spreading, and enable them to access our quality content for free.

Tableau continues to be one of the top visualization tools today. The rate at which data is growing every day demands skilled professionals able to analyze the data and get meaningful insights. Only with quality information and actionable intelligence can executives arrive at successful key business decisions. As we see, the age of data revolution is still at it's infancy. It is a matter of time when we will see quintillions of bytes of more data being generated every day. We hope you enjoy learning Tableau, and scale greater heights in the Data Visualization world.