How to export Tableau visualization in different formats

Tableau is an excellent latest generation visualization tool that is only limited by our creativity. The fact that Tableau provides a free version of the software (download from the menu above) only makes it more appealing for professionals and enthusiasts the same way. Once we have the Tableau Public version installed, we can only save to the Tableau Public database and not in any other formats. However this can be overcome by the steps below.

Once saved to Tableau Public, visit the URL of the visualization. There at the bottom of the visualization you will find icons for Share, Download, Full Screen, Reset etc, on clicking Download you will be prompted to choose your export format with preferred settings. We get the options to download as Image, PDF or PowerPoint - pretty much sufficient for basic needs. This is assuming the Download was not restricted by the owner of the visualization.

We also get the option to download the data that was used to create the workbook when we select Data. If we want to view the original workbook with details of the calculations and formula about how this workbook was originally created, we may download the Tableau Workbook from the download option. With the vast resources of data and workbooks that Tableau Public offers, this is indeed a nice opportunity for us to learn from the works of data wizards who consistently keep creating amazing visualizations and tell us stories with data. The ultimate use case for Tableau has no bounds, and we are surely going to find interesting and innovative ways to put it to use in our daily business scenarios with it's great flexibility in the latest versions.