How to Create 'All' Option in a Parameter in Tableau

Tableau continues to emerge as a leading player in the field of data visualization, with new features being added to every version. With the growing volume of data every day, businesses are in more need of insightful analytics than ever before. Metrics and comparisons that would have taken hours or days to implement with complex logics earlier are now fast-tracked with enhanced visualization tools and best practices.

Parameterized interfaces play an immensely dynamic role where users can use the same view for multiple combinations. However we often would like to add custom options to our Parameters in Tableau that can help create a more holistic view. Here, using the Sample Superstore dataset, we are adding an option where users can select All values from the Dimension Product Category to view the Sales data.

Now, if we want to apply the same feature to select 'All' Measures that we want from a list, we can follow a workaround using a Dashboard. We are creating a simple calculated formula which evaluates to True if 'All' is selected, else False, as shown below. Then, using different sheets, we filter by True in one, and False in the other. In a new Dashboard, place both the sheets, hide the titles, and if required make one to Floating over the other. That's all, now you have an 'All' option! Here, using the Sample Superstore dataset, we are using a calculated formula Metric Filter which evaluates to True if All is selected, else False. Now we can select Profit, Shipping Cost, Sales, or All from the dropdown menu,